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“Wow Jason the sound is absolutely epic! Just freaking awesome! Thank you so so so much for doing this you absolutely saved my music. This is now the music of my life the whole reason I picked up the guitar. This was a great collaboration and the music came out so much better than I ever imagined." - Brian Berggoetz, Rock Artist
“My newly remixed and remastered version of "Big Wheels" is available on streaming platforms now -- Job well done by Jason Damico of New Blue Entertainment" - Matthew Crowe, Folk Artist
"NBE took some great Live Photos of Thunderstruck at the Capital city Bikefest" Jeff Young, Lead Guitarist of Thunderstruck 
“We had the pleasure and honor of working with musician/'many other things-tradesman' Jason Damico… he really assisted us in getting our sound system from the prehistoric analog age to the updated digital age and I am just so appreciative of all the hours he spent researching and working on custom-tailoring a new sound system installation for our needs.” - Steve Aldrich, Senior Paster of Mid-Hudson Christian Church 
“There aren't enough good things I can say about Jason Damico. I remember first sitting down with him [at NBE studios] and talking about music. As the playlist progressed, he was casually telling me who produced the song and the type of equipment that was used. That was just Damico being Damico - a guy whose passion for music and sound cannot be measured on any scale. He helped me pick out some beautiful equipment for my voice-over business and completely changed my entire sound for the best. Not to mention the dude shreds like a handmade katana being thrown around in a linen shop.” - Daniel Kazda, Professional Voice-Over Artist at DKVO
“…Jason Damico is cutting his own path in the music industry…” - Tony Grant (Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and Love Ain't Supposed to Hurt)
"Jason is a great rock engineer and a massive musical talent, one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with” - Jacques Battel, Head of Production at Changepoint Church & Venue
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